Santa Fe Historical Fiesta Parade
Gus hits the campaign trail with the 2017 Fiesta Parade.

Outreach and Campaigns
Assessor Martinez reaches out to the public.

Gus Martinez Campaign Speech

Why he would be your County Assessor - in his own words!

unmatched Experience & uniquely qualified

Gus began working in the Assessor's office as a clerk in 1997.  Through dedication, professional experience, and hard work he earned the position of Chief Appraiser in 2010.  Gus is a New Mexico Certified Appraiser with over 300 hours of appraisal courses.   He is a member of both the International Association of Assessing Officers and of the New Mexico Association of Assessing Officers.

Campaign Events & Press & endorsements

His treasures life in his faith and family; wife Maria and their four children, Augustine, Teya, Sarah and Christian. Dedicating his work each day to making a better life for them and being of service in his community; Gus has demonstrated these values in action over his 20 year career in the Santa Fe County Assessor's office.  An active member of the  community, Gus is an Advisory Board Member of Young Fathers of Santa Fe; and a member of NMAAO committee to study tax roll corrections.

Goals as County Assessor

  1. Advocate for property tax benefits for seniors
  2. Ensure compliance with property tax laws, and apply uniformly to all
  3. Keep the public informed and increase awareness on assessments & benefits
  4. Conduct educational outreach seminars
  5. Increase value of the employees of the Assessor's office
  6. Provide 5-Star customer service for all Santa Fe Constituents
  7. Remain committed to unwavering county government transparency
  8. Ensure courteous, professional and responsive customer service
  9. Maintain an open door policy‚Äč

A native of Santa Fe, Gus shares his core family values of adhering to the Golden Rule and upholding honesty and fairness.

Gus Martinez & Family

Fair assessments 

Gus vows to maintain an open door policy - you have the help you need when you need it.  Determined to ensure compliance with  property tax law and to apply the law uniformly to all constituents, Gus advocates for tax benefits for seniors.  He is committed to increasing awareness on assessments and benefits by offering free educational outreach seminars and programs after business hours at various community centers for property owners' convenience.






state Auditor Hector Balderas, Gus Martinez, Mayor Javier Gonzales

Re-elect Gus Martinez

for Santa Fe County Assessor